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Month: February 2021

Technical Paper on Integrated Logistics

This is a paper I wrote and published to my LinkedIn account on Integrated Logistics. Also referred to as Integrated Product Support, I defined the twelve elements as proscribed by the Department of Defense at the time I published it. The format is similar to my “Reflections” essay, and also includes references links to other websites and document downloads. I like this writing format as I can convey a lot of information with relatively simple graphics, and fully utilize a wide post format.

This is one of the early technical papers I’ve written in support of my primary career in the defense logistics industry.

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My Professional Resume

My hard-copy professional resume now runs to six pages of mostly 10PT text. This is a densely packed document that attempts to accurately reflect my forty-seven years career. So, when it came time for me to put my resume online, I decided I wanted to make the online version less painful to wade through then the hard-copy. My solution was another variation of the “Pull” format that I pioneered (for me) in my Educational Autobiography.”

I think this resume project provides an excellent illustration of using interactive online formats for improving the delivery of technical writing.

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